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WWE Starrcade Results (11/25): AJ Styles Samoa Joe Aretan Sites, 8-Woman Tag Match, MizTV


Welcome to the WWE Starrcade live coverage! The hourly coverage will begin at 8:00 p.m. The show was upholstered last night, so if you want to see all the games, click here.

– Comments on Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton in Cincinnati, Ohio, tonight.

– Elias keeps the ring and plays for fans. Does Elías ask the people to walk? Then he asks Laura that he is better than performance and does not say it, but he has a very special man tonight with Wwe Hall of Famer Ric Flaire. Flair calls his ring to the ring. Flair says he was dying of seeing Elías telesores. Flair told Harley Race versus 35 years ago and here it is Elijah's honor. Elias is very proud to sing and play a small song.

Before Elijah went, Nia Jax, Tamina, Mickie James and Alicia Fox came. Elias looks a little annoyed, but Flair smiles all four superstars. Nia leaves Mikel, and she wants to go with Elijah. Nia multiplayer boas. Elias is not surprised, Flair replied: "Beautiful women!" Elijah replied, "Easy, Rich." Elias starts the song, as Fox says. Elias sings a song with Ric Flair. Nia Jax jumps out with a dreadful song, Elias is interrupted. Nia says that she has denied the deal to face the WWE, that Elias needs to close her mouth and help her four friends have called her. Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke, Bayley and Ember Moon are the 8-year-old woman's ring.

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Ember Moon and Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Nia Jax, and Tamina

James and Ember started things. James strikes it, but Ember overcomes Brooke's stroke and labels. James's double suplex, Brooke tries at the beginning, two concerts. Brooke, in one corner, knocked the other's elbow, powerslam, splash, cover, and both James. Bayley's label runs James by Tamina and has included her labels. Bayley punchs and stands next to her, a Tamina strike with a drop of Bayley. At the corner of Bayley, the back elbow, Tamina's position, no one at home, wearing Bayley kneeling, looks for another, sends her dump and saddles her Tamina's neck on two ropes. Jax gets tagged, Bayley's double shoulder. Nia multiplayer boos makes a pin, two.

Fox's labels and Bayley's corner chin are reversed, Fox rolls in the corner and Jax's (more boos). Jax throws Bayley on the ground and Ember and Brooke pulled them into the corner. Bayley tries to fight against Nia, when Nia ends with her one-time partner, Bayley away and labels on banks. Fox tags, Corner corner knee banks, pin, Tamina breaks down. Ember eclipse on Tamina. Ember label by James, Brooke crosses the crossed cross over the string, releases Nia. Bayley's elbow on the back of Jax's neck. Fox Banks goes on, but the bank blocks bank statements to get victory.

Winners: By Bayley, Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Ember Moon

– Samoa Joe talks to AJ Styles for steel docks, talked about the definition of innocence and how the games have been repeatedly. Although Joe says his losses, Styles is a piece that prevents him from leaving the ring. Joe continues that the Styles are really bad if he expects to get out of the steel cage tonight … Styling reminds his friends and family to enjoy it for a long time.

– Miz's ring is tonight in the MizTV segment. Mizek Stratcade remembers fans of Ric Flair, Harley Race, "Rowdy" stars like Roddy Piper, Lex Luger and Dusty Rhodes. Miz WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rey Mysterio. Out Mysterio comes with a necklace key, thanks to Randy Orton's attack this week in SmackDown.

Mizek Mysterio asks why he has the show and he does not heal at home. Mysterio says here that there is a special place in Starrcade's heart, Mysteries for the first time to see Superstars (Sting, Ric Flair and Eddie Guerrero). "Eddie!" With a crowd! chant Mysterio continues that Nakamura is important to win Nakamura tonight. Miz develops a bit of things and asks Nakamura how mystery he says. Nakamura answers, "arcade?" Miz says: "No, Starrcade, do you not know about Starrcade?" Nakamura knows about this event, but it does not matter about it, nor about mystery.

Misterio is a bit warming up, Miz recalls Mister, it did not cost Team SmackDown in the Survivor Series. Mysterio mocked Miz's "When my hands rise" and tells Nakamura as a rubbish. Miz Mysterio is one of all sorts of disturbed and Nakamura is achieved in cheap shots, then Mysterio's key is falling. Mizek asks for an arbiter and one comes out.

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. King Mysterio (WWE US Championship Match)

Nakamura immediately goes to the neck of the Mysterons to the knees. Nakamura Mysterio sends her to Matera and looks for Kinshasa, but Mysterio picks up two covers. Another shot that goes down with Nakamura Mysterio. Nakamura places Mysterio on the rope, knees up to the middle. To recover Mysterium, Nakamura falls on the ground, a baseball slide. Mysterio seeks a seat and dies instead of Nizamura Miz. Return to the ring, with a feeling of Mystery starting point. Nakamura will arrive at 619, but Miz will leave Mysterio on the ground. Nakamaura and Miz make up Mysterio from the ground, Rusev exhausts. Miz sends out of the ring and sends it to Nakamura.

Winner: Rey Mysterio DQ (he maintains the title Nakamura)

– Post-match, Quit the job and ask fans if they want to see a tag tag, they do it and we will get a tag!

Rusev and Rey Mysterio vs. Miz and Shinsuke Nakamura

Mizek and Nakamura do not deserve to go back and forth, Rusev and Mysterio go after them and take them to the ring. They took two Miz and Nakamura to the ring and won a bit on the edges. Mysteriok continues to send Miz's ropes and looks at 619, but Nakamura breaks down and works with Mystery, trying to make two pin strokes. Miz is tagged and Rusev gets bored a bit when Mysterio goes there. Mysterio tries to fight back, but is thrown on his face. Mizek Rusev has thrown it back. In the Nakamura Labels section, the referee moves Miz a tenth away from the mystery, the cover, two.

Mysterio begins to shrug his back, Nakmura shoots his head and seeks to return to Rusevera. Nakamura slows down, with a Mystery, with encryption, Rusev tags. She joins Miz with a pair of heels, kicks her heel, she tries to kick it, not a crushing skull crushing, no, Rusev, with a rolled shot, the cover, two. Rusev sought the courage, running Nakamura interferences, finishing the Miz Skull crushing, the cover, saves the Mysterio match. After moving to Mysterio Miz, the hurricane sends Miz to the ropes (and Nakmura). Mysterio 619 was one of Miz and Nakamura, with Rusev Miz's mechanized shot 1-2-3.

Winners: Rusev and Rey Mysterio Pinfall

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles (Steel Cage Match)

Joe strives to get Styles immediately afterwards, Styles & # 39; tries to throw himself into the cage, stops Styles and Joe punches. He tries to send the styles to Joe in the cage, both with commercial chops. Dropkick by Styles, kicks it back, knaps the back of the head, kicks it to the leg and stomach, Styles is very measured at the beginning with its strikes. He looks for a spot, but he does not have much luck at the beginning, he kneels his face, tries again, the suplex finishes the style faces into the Styles and sends it to the cage, not once, but twice. The style connects ropes and cages, Joe loads it and crashes the cage.

The style strikes strikes, but Joe joins a large elbow internally. Joe tries to escape, Styles stops, Joe releases, pin, two. Creating Styles and joining Joe starts the first face of the cage. Styling stops his opponent, Joe goes to the corner, strives to cover Styles with a splash, Joe, nope, Styles, DDT with a backflip, the cover, Joe foot under foot. Styles try to get into the top of the cage, Joe takes a foot, but gets beaten, the Styling stops the kidney from the top of the kidneys, catches it, and Jo finds his abdominal stomach.

Recovers the styles using a DDT tornado using an insert button. The player styles and Joe counters are trying to bend the monkey, sending the Styles in the cage, kick, crossroads, the cover, in two counts. Joe sits on Stuffed on Styles, Joe looks for a buster, Stylus fights, Joe tosses Joe over his knee and Joe throws it on Joe's bang. Lets you load the style and send the cover directly on the back. Joe pushes his knee to look for Styles Joe Calf Crusher. Joe wants to get the rope, but that will not help, Joe ends Styling touches.

Winner: AJ Styles Submission

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