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X-Pac says he has spoken with Roman Reigns & Return, Bruce Prichard's WWE Return

Speaking of his podcast X-Pac 12360 music, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman remembered the strong emotions he felt during the last Monday of Roman Reigns Raw.

The former WWE superstar had the DVR in the segment, but it was well aware of the social reaction. Still, it was not quite ready what happened.

"Although it was known as the news," he explained. "I still passed through all kinds, such as my mother's son, I cried, I'm not a lie."

The king took him to the ring on Monday night to immediately announce leukemia and was soon returned to work. Waltman was reigning in Roman FC.

The other topics discussed in this episode were Waltman:

Telling the story tells you when the first one got drawn by WCW to pull Ric Flair's Trunks Down Pull

A few weeks before, I fought Scott and I with Nitro LIVE with Harlem Heat and Amway Arena in Orlando. And that's why I had excuses, it was really stupid and sometimes I was away. I made a shot at Booker, rolling his head with him, I needed him about two meters in length, and stepped out of Stevie Ray and he said: "Suck My D **** Mother F & # 39; er & # 39; (laughter), all the people in the building listened and, of course, they lost a million shots of Nitro and did not miss them, so I returned from the ring and Eric (Bischoff) was like the "Good Match". He looked up and said "Suck My D **** Mother Ener" and "Oh" I went. Why I did not forget. And then I gave them some bulls, as an excuse, "when they caught me." No excuse. Zero excuse, and Eric took a peak from a rising level, however, as in the next week, they had a tale encounter, everyone was supposed to be around the subject of my language (early morning) and the subject matter (laughter). And the best part of that whole thing was too late I appeared. Meeting, I missed the meeting. (Laughter) So fast A couple of weeks later, to pull off Ric's pants, there was not much deal. Honestly, Ric Flair's butt has been shown millions of times. But just one moment, Eric got a lot of ** fortress ** and made habits and practices, so I did not even think twice pulling it like that. I returned and Eric said: "You are not against the contract." Then he explained the whole thing. I got pretty crazy and disgusting and I think honestly at this moment I diverted some Ric. I like that, as Ric's madman had been the fault of Ric. (Laughter) … For this reason, the game like DDP {Diamond Dallas Page} came about 20 minutes after it was supposed to be with him. So immediately goes to Dallas Eric, & # 39; But he was supposed to be on TV! & # 39; BOOM! Immediately hired …

Recruiting WWE Bruce Prichard for the Creative Team Team

Bruce Prichard wanted WWE so he did not do any other things. This is just mine, it comes from my speculation. In my opinion, the educated invention. Because nothing against Bruce is big fan. And it's wonderful. But, creatively, I do not think they really want a creative process … I think it's just OK, do you want to dump Conrad (Thompson) Undertaker? That's why we'll take it and go there. You can have an Undertaker and we'll take Brother Love. "… Sometimes there are consequences in the business decisions, and there was definitely no mistake to reach Conrad, what did I mean? But if you do not think that some of these things are not tightened, Conrad is the whole universe of the fight It's the nicest boy. I think I'm one of the best boys I've ever met. And goodwill goes a long way … I mention all of these speculations, and we all know, although I know people, I do not get the phone and "Oh, tell me the ball" Bruce will be active in the competition, if I have a good TV show like AEW, and I like it, and I'm also a good on-air character, it's really good. Ok, working as a creator, technically, But maybe it's more than male.

Shares his thoughts on a horseman parody

I thought it was nonsense, and then we thought we knew it was. I thought each parody seemed to copy some of the parts I had never done before and I could not have participated in such famous parody. Oh, this is stupid. Each one of them. I have always had a copy of something we did in the WCW … I think it's not fit for the horsemen to not get there, they never did. This thing was very effective. We made this parody, we wanted to kill people, Carolinas, everything you know about the Knights Country, hated our hatreds. The main facts about WarGames NWO vs. Horsemen changed … at least, we should finally pay them back and never really ** have ** back. That was the problem … This thing was entertaining and that was it.

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