Monday , May 10 2021

Xbox Boss "Looking forward" Working with Bungie with "Destiny" & # 39; Activision Break Up

fate 2
(Photo: Bungie)

Yesterday, Activision and Bungie, the makers Destiny, announced that the oldest publication that ended their publication had published the last two games, Destiny and Destiny 2 (plus all its expansions, DLC, etc.).

With this division, Bungie takes full-fledged publication Destiny franchise As you know, it has always been the IP, but previously the Rights of Editorials were of Activision.

Why fractures happened, nobody knows for sure. Activision wants to focus on IP owner, but some claims suggest that the number of incidents in Activision business was not happy Destiny 2 and has monitored it. It's probably a mix, and some other things.

In all cases, Bungie did not announce the split for a long time, along with Phil Spencer's Xbox standard technical support standard. While there is nothing in Spencer's tweet, there are several sections on the Internet, but have more help.

Now, it's worth it that Spencer warns that the bright future is "his favorite independent studio" with his "favorite franchises". That seems to be, but Spencer is often nice to chat with people on Twitter. It's a good guy. However, people have taken the advice of Microsoft as a step towards the new arm that has been published in the series. Although it looks like a stretch, it's really a huge one.

Even if you are looking for a new Bungie publishing partner, it would be very difficult for Microsoft to return. Not only does Microsoft require IP rights, but Bungie has worked with Microsoft in the past Halo The series, that is to say, with the collaboration, wanted to create the IP to create it. So I would not see too much in this Spencer tweet. It's plain.

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