Saturday , May 8 2021

Xbox Live Down is Xbox One and Xbox 360 [UPDATE] – Game Rant

UPDATE: All Xbox Live services are restored.

The original story continues.

Xbox Live services include Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, party chat, friends list, sign in and online games. The operation began on January 12 and has been reported by thousands of Xbox Live users.

While some of them had problems with new games, we did our tests, we stated that the parties had difficulties in meeting with their friends and receiving or sending party chat invitations. We have been able to play games online, as well as applications and games digitally downloaded. To access the list of friends, we can see the list of our friends, but it seems that it is frozen, yesterday with data up to date and more than inaccurate information.

Microsoft is aware of problems and works in the solution. However, it is clear that while the Xbox Live service shutdown lasts long and the problem is emerging. At the weekend many people are sitting down and start playing video games, so Microsoft can repair Xbox Live later or later.

Although the Xbox Live feature can be frustrating for Xbox One and Xbox 360, it does not seem like a breakdown or a problem. As previously stated, we have been able to access the online game, and unlike others, they have no problem with party chat or such things. Additionally, this is not likely to result in a DDoS attack intentionally, as we have seen in Christmas 2014.

Since attacking the 2014 Christmas Lizard Squad, Xbox Live services have been fairly stable, service interlacing is widespread throughout the year. In fact, the last episode of Xbox Live last occurred in November lasting only a few hours.

Once again, it is difficult to find out how long the latest version of the latest Xbox Live services is required, but a solution is expected sooner than later.

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