Thursday , March 23 2023

You can get banned on Twitter by talking about what you are talking about about Hitman 2


Twitter has put a name on itself, leaving the social network platforms to prohibit the use of innocent words or expressions that think real threats. Another person has been the victim of this, but at this time Sean Bean died at IO Interactive Hitman 2

Hitman 2 It's a game about murder and, of course, Sean Bean had to take part in, ultimately, it does not seem to kill it as a great opportunity. Sean Bean himself arrived Hitman 2 As a title, called Elusive Target Mark Faba, in order to kill time in the game.

One person on Twitter, known as "The Fat Consoler" or his knobs, @ TheFatConsol3R was, of course, ready to jump Hitman 2 and hunt Sean Bean. Perhaps he wanted to unlock the explosive pen, or maybe he wanted to kill Sean Bean in another successful project.

Twitter, however, obviously received, "Sean Bean was killed tonight" and he thought it was a real threat to real life. Here is the screenshot of the VG247, which shows the Tweet plus release note.

bean hitman 2 twitter ban

According to VG247, the user tried to retrieve their account again, but Twitter rejected their emails. Based on Twitter's gaming account, it's curious that Sean Bean hunts on the social time of people who hunt in a video game.

Hitman 2 PC, PS4 and Xbox One are available. The First Adult Purpose will end on December 4th.

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