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You can not do any special things if you do not practice – Kohli


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At the beginning of 2015, Virhat Kohli earned a trial capital of the MS Dhoni Indian Critics, five-day format, after a sudden wicketkeeper batsman retirement. When using the safe and safe leadership skills of Dhoni, Kohli's emotional boss's attitude and in-your-face attitude were extremely tasty for the Indian critics team.

But it is also a pragmatic for the current captain, who goes hand-in-hand and emotional to the state of self-expression. In the interview with, after the Australian victory in India, Kohli said the pride and thrill of the country's play and a bit of energy that was trying to make it clear in that case, "it's very practical all the time."

"I do not like the one thing that I can not own myself, that's not my personality. I talk a lot of people in the group when they feel personally when your real emotion and the passion of the game comes out, you can do something that you can not imagine otherwise. If things are not very practical, all the time, I think it's a special and compelling acknowledgment, no one lets you, it's very difficult, it's too high or balanced in the game, it's a practical and tactical time, I have learned a lot from this series.

"But in the coming situations I've always come across a teammate and talk with the change room, but what is needed, but I think that my energy is about 120. I'm always ready and ready to throw myself up and tell the boys, Everyone is waiting for everyone, that is, Team India needs, not me, because I did not have anybody there and someone else. If we want to get closer to this team, we want to do that. This is not just my point of view, this is Team India View of the Indian cricket and view.

"We want to win and win at world level, not only win at home, and we have no competitors, no doubt, because we have talent. Sometimes you have to bring that emotion to an Indian relationship and see what the body is going to react in a different way. There is a percentage of more energy in difficult situations when pride and excitement for your country's recreation is created, "Kohli added.

When the Kohli topic is headed by the group, it has often been argued that the level of energy and intensity is consistent with others and that it is expected to have an adverse effect. However, Kohli explained his intensity definition by giving it a percentage percentage, with the help of the team "limitations", according to its players.

Kohli also feels that intensity has been different for different players. Referring to the example of Cheteshwar Pujara, Kohli said, although not as an Indian captain, it offers the same amount of intensity.

"Intensity has different meanings for everyone. A Pujara is as strong as me, it does not show, that's another thing, and that's his personality. Jinks [Ajinkya Rahane] It does not show its personality, because Shami may not be shown, because that's just because Bumrah can see a bit more or you can see Ishant a bit more. Everyone is alive in the understanding, and this is a culture that is established – no one reminds individual performances, it's a team game, it's like a team, and if you win, you remember it as a team.

"Jadeja is running fastest – I'm not saying I'm running fast like Jadeja, but why is it running fast? Because I think it's a right mind, I want to keep a race for the team. As a matter of mentality, I believe that within limits, we would all be 100 percent. and I think that they do not have to be like someone, but they must also be there to help the group. I think everyone has a comfortable and motivated space now, "Kohli said.

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