Saturday , January 16 2021

You need to know something after 2 months of failure

Emergency services, as well as city and hospital personnel, are responsible for this week's week to help them create stability and peace of mind after severe rains on Friday.

Three people were killed and almost a dozen were injured The OC Transpo double bus was taken to a bus stop at a bus stop at the Westboro station at the end of the afternoon.

Two days after the crash, you need to know here.

Closed roads

Transitway Tunney is closed in two directions by Pasto and Lincoln Fields, forcing buses to cross the closed stations.

At the bus station, Westboro station buses were resumed Sunday morning, but the police said they are not sure if Transitway will open again.

Scott Street is reopened between Winona Avenue and McRae Avenue.

The Westchester bus stop is being carried out on the bus bus after OC Transpo buses on January 11, 2018. (Radio Canada)


When Ottawa Hospital was reported Friday night, nine people had a critical condition, less than 24 hours later, a single patient was also asked for critical attention.

Queensway Carleton Hospital also managed a number of patients, but eventually only one person was admitted, and this person was in a serious but stable situation.


Conversation researchers have posted a crash on the Friday bus stop at the Westboro transit station.

The researchers carried out a similar double bus from the Transitway stretch to understand the conditions that were crashed yesterday.

It is still possible for the public to get solid answers on what happened.

The police said the studies are ongoing.

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