Thursday , January 21 2021

Your body heats diabetes

LONDON: Researchers have identified cells in the human body that fulfill the functions of damaging or eliminating insulin-producing cells, with the progress that can lead to new diabetes treatments. Diabetes can cause insulin to insulin that is insensitive to insulin or not, hormone that is necessary to regulate blood sugar. Many patients with diabetes take insulin supplement to regulate these levels, said Bergen University researchers. Pancreas cells that produce glucagon may change and adapt their identity when insulin cells are damaged or disappeared.

"They say that the bodies are beginning a new way of producing insulin," said Luiza Ghila, from Bergen University. The researchers found that 2% of the cells in the surrounding pancreas could change their identity.

However, even though this figure allows researchers to optimize their approach to new treatment approaches.

The researchers described mechanisms behind the cell identity process. It turns out that this is not a passive process, but it is the result of signals from surrounding cells. In the research, researchers were able to increase cells with 5% insulin production, using drugs that affect cell signaling process

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