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Your sex is a weekend horoscope

Your Sexoscope from January 11 to January 18 week:


Friday, the Pisces moon only feels like a wet blanket on your day, Aries. Emotional, it's dramatic and it's put on the edge. Wait for the moon until Saturday morning to enter your sign so you can shake and feel energetic! Mars is your signal, you can imagine it with a physical state and a fully charged libido, and Venus, the planet of love, has a gesture similar to Sagittarius. This means that you're connecting with your trusty top-notch, by making a promising date or by spending a weekend with your friends.

On Monday, the moon goes into a quiet and sensual Taurus, that is, it's a good sign, you'll feel well in the room or just relax. The weekend Gemini enters with the moon, helps you feel nonsense, joy and social!


Friday's Pisces moon dancing well with you and you're coming out of humor, Taurus. You should definitely do it! When you meet the new connection, it leaves a strong impression You, and at least one of us seems to be crunching severely!

On Saturdays, the moon goes into black Aries. Your table falls into the tranquility and unconscious sector. Get some "my" time this weekend and relax yourself. You deserve a fall! The rest of the week is enough, the moon is entering on Monday with your signal and a low and pleasant lie.


Your Friday night seems pretty intense, Gemini! Since the moon is an emotional sign of Pisces, the sun coincides with the plutonium, the transformation and revival of the planet, your table according to the intimacy and sex. Your feelings are passionately fierce and the liver is hotter and heavier than ever! If you go home with someone, do not expect a quick and a bit of it. In order to find out how intense and emotional is life, the gathering of feelings is essentially a guarantee, and all this is just Friday!

Over the weekend, the Aries moon is faster and more enjoyable, but it seems to me that Venus, the planet of love, plays Pluto games, so it's a bit of a proud and sexy mood! Taurus moon arrives on Monday, and, with it, the rest of those feelings of life. Take a few days before the moon begins to hit Wednesdays and life is busy again.


On Pisces moon on Friday you can feel some emotions, but you're rich, Cancer! The moon is a water sign like yours, your atmosphere is as simple as yours. Sun and Pluto join forces there are sudden encounters life! This twentieth relationship began from the beginning or a great fracture was created, it could have a meeting with the one who wanted to be acquainted, or in the bedroom could be an unforgettable activity.

Your signs have been very important lately, and they have been very busy lately and at the end. This week there is a story when an important relationship is gathered or finalized. Do not be nervous, though, if you say that this week starts with something new or that someone is calling with someone, you will understand that this is for your benefit.


Pisces moon on Friday is growing with your feelings Leo. It's the emotional and dreamy pleasure of the moon, floating in the privacy of your board, so it's a magical sex! Working with your signs work a week-long work-related-bleh, thank you, for the Capricorn season. Fortunately, on Saturday, the moon is Aries passionate and bright and optimistic!

For more than a week, your luck in Jupiter has been done according to your sex / love area, compared to the Dreaming of Charting in the privacy sector, and this week its powerful energy! This means that love is in the air and you feel super romantic (and quite horny) and Your perfect love / sex is the perfect twenty! Be careful, though! When idealistic Neptune participates in horoscope, things are very good for us to be true – in other words, to be able to get acquainted before making big commitments.


Friday night is perfect, Virgo! The moon is in Pisces, the AKA table is your field of contact, so connecting or cutie is asking for a wind in its numbers! The sun connects Pluto on Friday, with heavy interim transportation that represents intense encounters with major changes. This connection takes place on your board, romance, fun and sex, The serious advances in your love life this weekend are in this menu!

Your fav planet, Communicative Mercury, connects this week with a dreamlike Neptune to show you pleasant, romantic and emotional connections. If you are waiting for the time to pounce on your crush, now your choice!


On Friday night you need more time than you expect, Libra The moon of Pisces passes all evening in the work area of ​​your board, so your weekend begins late. Fortunately, the moon goes into Aries on Saturday morning, activating your diagram area of ​​relationships and enjoying your steps! To spend time with your friends, hang up with your S.O. or a quick connection to all Aries moona use. It combines interactions between your sign.

The season is not particularly brilliant, especially for Libras, and indicates how small lies on the Earth's key signals this week. This does not mean that you have to stay home all the time, you just invite the action! Enter your FWB or your final Tinder match and you can tell, you will not regret it!


Friday night you feel great, ScorpioPisces moon lights up your table and enjoys fun and you're flirty, fun and sure! If you listen to the connection, go and find no problem. Whether it's coming out, there are significant connections that are taking place on Friday when the sun is in Pluto's Capricorn.

On Saturday, the moon enters into Aries and focuses on work, but the new encounters continue throughout the weekend, with Venus's Friction, sharing Pluton and Jupiter's energy on Sunday with Neptune. When you enter someone else this day, you can not fall quickly! No hurry, though. Meet this new person.On Monday, Taurus moon connects the breeze with others, and asking for, communicating and learning about the connection to Pluto by Mercury. A curious and curious Gemini moon that closes a week forces us to explore this new person, but it also activates the privacy of your board, so why not explore in the bedroom?


Friday is a guy, Sagittarius. The moon is in a quiet part of Pisces, hidden deep in the home industry. Fortunately, bright and early on Saturday, the moon goes into hot Aries, stimulating your home routine, sex, religion and genius! Venus, the love planet, in your sign, You're now totally irresistible.

Weekend scripts continue until all Capricorn season's works. The work has not cut short of the party on Sunday and Mercurio, the communication planet, Saturn, the blows of planetary responsibilities and disciplines. The very next day, the Moon goes into the industrial Taurus and works weekly. The moon enters Gemini and activates your diagram area on Wednesdays: the perfect mood for a day to roam your busy week.


Congratulations! On Friday night, the Pisces moon gives you a pretty day of your symbol, Capricorn. The sun Pluto, the secret agent and transformation of the zodiac, is struck with your sign. For you, the little sea, This means changing your relationship in your life and changing on Friday. Maybe you've caught a friend's feelings and take the next step with them. Maybe you've been stuck with some colored cowboy and you want to give it up. What is important if they are changes and? you they are under control.

The rest of the weekend is under a moon of Aries, a slow sign and more frequent signals, and Taurus begins the moon every week. The moon here is sensual, nonsensical and fun when you want to book birthdays, if you can!


Pisces moon on Friday is easy to handle, Aquarius. It brings Chill vibe and activates the pleasure and desire area of ​​your graphic, so if you get lucky, the affair will be especially enjoyable. On Saturday, Aries moon is scintillating and high energy, and its energy fire is naturally compatible with your air signal.

He plays well with the planet of relationships, Venus, which is good in Sagittarius. Thus, the graph activates socialization and friends' circles, so be careful when you join a group member or a friend– They can become more than friends before you get to know them!


The moon is your signal on Friday, Pisces, and you're looking good and feel gorgeous! Take a step one night and match all the stress coming to Capricorn season. You owe it to yourself. Plus, who knows who can enter! Even with just friends, friends catch your eye and get your number through the Solar and Pluto life, in the circulation of your circles.

Pluton Venus interacts with the planet of relationships, later on weekends, indicating other actions in your love / sex life. Taurus moon on Monday It suggests a very communicative time in the context and calls it Snapping and uninterrupted. Mercury creates a pleasant feeling with your signal and catches feelings! Cautious Neptune, the planet of excitement, is below the sign and involves a great deal of your horoscope. Be careful that your new nightmare does not turn into a nightmare!

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