Monday , May 10 2021

YouTuber Logan Paul Under Fire, when he said "Go Gay" for a month

according to Brandon Voss

1 hour ago

Logan Paul, the actor and the personal identity of the Internet, this week is a reaction against sensational comments made during a podcast episode this week. Impaulsive.

23-year-old feelings sparked by some poets with New Year's resolutions, quarreling with Mike Mohla's cohorts, on jokes about "simple vegan january" and "serious February", to return to drinking and flesh.

"Man is only March," Paul continued laughing. "We'll try gay in one month."

Taking a look at "Logan Paul Gay" "for a month, many LGBT people around the world die and commit suicide because of gender, it's unknown," tweeted social media identity Daniel Preda.

"Being gay is not a possibility, gay is not a phase, gay would not be the trend and should be used by subscribers," added Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. "Grow Logan Paul".

Although GLAAD replied: "That's not how it works."

Paul replied to the GLAAD tweet on Friday, in writing, "a very low word of choice … my fault." Join and talk about it on my podcast next week? "

Paule earlier annulled a video on YouTube showing a suicide bombing body in Japan. Paule eliminated the video, asked for forgiveness and then offered suicide and prevention.

"I know I've made mistakes, I know people have dropped it," he said. "But what happens to make a difference in the world? Learning from the past is getting better and growing as a man."

"Since I do everything I know I will get criticism, I will react, because I will be a nice polarization," said the new vlog. "You love me or hate me … I have not gone anywhere."

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