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YouTuber really shows in the desert of Fallout 3

YouTuber Shesez show Boundary Break It's always a look, but the most recent happening Fallout 3 Experiments are extravagant, with sky controls, colors and minutes. My favorite part is wild.

The episode goes through a lot of interesting things Boundary Break Pass on We have learned that the nuclear explosion that you can see remotely is a pseudo-3D texture, we get information about the unmarried mum of the viewer, and we look at the retro Tranquility Lane without a sepia filter.

But what I most like about the episode is that Shesezen host exceeds the limit of the game map. The Lumpy world has a long way to go. Potential soil may be something that is not yet and the host seems to be there already The extension was apparently put into the game for testing purposes. It is a kind of game that we like about: landscapes are not one of them forever.

However, it is worth watching videos Fallout 3 or independent cameras.

Outstanding picture: YouTube

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