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12 key to explain the fresh pistachio pistachio fruit

Someone asked us which nuts are considered a health paradigm, most of which probably respond to them. And, while the dry fruit is still very appreciated for its properties, the Mediterranean Diet Foundation promotes products and lifestyle values. The pistachio will be placed on the tops of nuts, an excellent nutritional contribution and the associated benefits.

This has been confirmed Ramón Estruch, Director of PREDIMED Medical Dieta Medica Prevention and Director of the Internal Medicine Department of the Hospital Clínica de Barcelona, ​​for whom nuts "The daily Mediterranean diet that is consumed is essential"And the pistachios must be one of our first choices, if not first.

12 reasons to eat pistachios

And compared with other nuts, pistachios have the following characteristics:

· Pistachio has a lot of fat and energy.

· It has a high fiber content (both soluble and unmistakable).

· Potassium, rich in vitamins E and K.

Phytosterols and some carotenoids, for example, have a high content of lutein and geaxanthin as a basic ingredient in eye health. Phototoxicity prevents injuries and, above all, degeneration of macular degenerations.

· Prevents chronic cardiovascular diseases and other chronic illnesses.

· The usual consumption of pistachios reduces blood pressure (synthesizes nitrous oxide, a potent vasodilator).

· Facilitates endothelial function and reduces arterial stiffness (new basal risk factors).

· It improves the lipid profile (total cholesterol and, above all, adverse cholesterol, LDL cholesterol).

· Decreased diabetes incidence.

· It promotes healthy bacteria from intestinal flora.

Those who consume nuts reduce a 20 per cent reduction of around mortality and about 30% of the risk of cardiovascular complications.

· It improves cognitive function, improves memory and memory capacity for learning.

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