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20.7% of young people in the Metropolitan Region never use condoms and 6% HIV

Movilh and the Ministry of Health have published today the results of a first survey on male love, sex and eroticism on men's behavior in men, which has given rise to disturbing data on the protection mechanisms used by young Metropolitan youth. 15 to 29 years old.

It is the first survey on this issue and the most massive survey applied to the population of sexual diversity, since 1,216 young people participated in the research, helping RUT as a mechanism for validating their responses.

The survey has been applied to 1,216 young people, of which 9.9% are bisexual; % 2 pansexual and 87.7% gay. They are from all socioeconomic strategies.

The majority of young people, 67.4%, live with the family, with 12%, with only 8.1% and 4.9%. 81.1% have no members, while 1.2% assert that they have children.

People who say Pololean today do not use condoms because they "trust" their partner (19.4%) or "we did HIV and negatively" (20.1%). 21.7% always use a condom with a partner.

Meanwhile, among the reasons for non-use of a non-condominium, "does not achieve" (39.6%) "responsibly" (13.3%), "non-cash purchase" (12.9%), "I did not know I had to use it "(3.9%) and" I did not know where to get it "(3.3%). 30.2% say they have "used the condom", with one other than their partner.

In the last 12 months, 28.6% "always use" the condom; 31.8%, "most of the time" and only 18.9% "sometimes". 20.7% said that "never" did not use the condom.

In sexual practice that infidelity occurs, 25% say that they always use the condom and 18.5% "sometimes" and 3.6%, "never". Conversely, 52.9% do not have sex with another person.
Additionally, 71% say that HIV testing was compared to 28%. 6% admits that the result is seropositive.

5.2% confidence last year was "syphilis" 3.5% gonorrhea; 3.8% condyloma; 3%, Candidiasis. 81.6% did not have any problems.

In addition, 63.4% have never had an ETS, and amongst all of them, 6.3% did not undergo any type of treatment.

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