Wednesday , February 8 2023

2019 budget: The Senate reduced Carabineros' reserved costs to $ 1 and $ 1


du Senate The project calendar finished on Thursday Budget Law 2019Thus, Monday will continue in the Chamber of Deputies, and a committee will be set up to resolve the dispute.

He was finally debated in the Senate Departure of the Interior Ministry, especially according to Carabineros resources In the face of new corruption cases and criticized by police action, the death of the Camilo Catrillanca Mapuche community began.

At this point, as a political gesture, The opposition's statement was approved for a total of 16 votes against 10 against $ 1 and $ 1, which are used abroad, the common cost of ordinary police uniforms, although regulated by a permanent law.

In this sense, the opposition was "not enough", according to the opposition presented by the executive, that Carabineros reduced the normal cost to the minimum floor set by the permanent law, $ 500 million $ 343 million and $ 90 million and $ 20 million.

Alfonso De Urresti, Jorge Pizarro, Jose Miguel Insulza, Francisco Huenchumilla, Jaime Quintana, Alejandro Guillier, Ricardo Lagos Weber, Alejandro Navarro, Alfonso De Urresti, Carlos Bianchi, Alvaro Elizalde and the senator Carlos Montes have stated "This annoyance is a sign of political and moral signification, because fraud has focused on the top and the country has failed."

On the other hand, Senator Víctor Pérez Varela, Ena Von Baer, ​​Juan Antonio Coloma, Kenneth Pugh, José García Ruminot, Francisco Chahuán and José Miguel Durana have warned "The end is not justifying resources" and stated that "the Budget Law is not the tool for discussing the role of Carabineros" "Approved by the opposition has no validity in practice, as it will not create changes."

Meanwhile, Juan Ignacio Latorre, the Senator, expressed another expression of the Democratic Revolution The "reduction of the cost of personnel of the militarized equipment of La Araucanía" was not obtained the same support and it was eliminated from 9 to 9 votes.

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