Monday , June 21 2021

2019 entrance: university-level careers with more employability

Almost 300 thousand registered PSU performance began Over 181 countries. The measure that will be key to the 2019 admission process.

Students who will be taking part in the Language, Mathematics, History or Science exam, must wait until December 26 to get the results and start the process for the application of the integrated university system.

The Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, lTo learn before PSU the choice of a higher education institution, and confirms that "Mineduce puts access to the portal for students and their families , financial, academy, certification information, provides future employability to higher education institutions. "

Through this portal, they provided some key information: What are the most employable careers?

According to data provided by, the highest number of graduates (98.9%) of the first year of Public Management Engineering was placed, which exceeded Obstetrics and Kindergarten. A few years ago this leadership had leadership.

Review the list of 10 degree qualifications, with greater employability in the first year of the certificate

Type of organization Generic race Employability 1er Years
universities Engineering in Public Management 98.9%
universities Obstetrics and Kindergarten 98.8%
universities Chemistry and Pharmacy 97.9%
universities Pedagogy in Differential Education 95.5%
universities Mining Engineering Civil 93.1%
universities Electrical Engineering 92.9%
universities Mathematics and statistics engineering 92.8%
universities Foreign Trade Engineering 92.6%
universities medicine 92.4%
universities Mathematics and Computing Pedagogy 92.1%

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