Friday , May 27 2022

25% of Spaniards will pay for digital purchases


Madrid, November 24 (EFE) .- The entities have promoted the use of mobile banking and digital payment in sales of "Black Friday", and it helps with discounts that run until Monday. It is expected that ten of ten out of every ten of the country will buy Internet-based electronic devices.

The Bank has also sought to take part in the famous "Black Friday", not only for its digital services available to users, but also offering their financial products, discounts and promotions.

Banco Santander, for example, offers a € 30 bonus for customers who make three online purchases at least € 30 with their credit card or mobile phone, from 23 to 26 November.

In addition, it has given its clients more than 67,000 million euros in budget loans, with an interest rate of 3.95%, on November 26 newly hired.

But the other banks have also expanded the offer of consumer finance these days, through budget loans, because the bank offers a financial capacity for the client and offers facilities to delay purchases.

Sector experts believe these days is a good option for banks to "show" their digital muscles to consumers, as well as everything they can do on their website or applications or "applications". mobile

The German bank N26 highlights the importance of mobile banking over the past few days because it offers "higher" payment systems, such as Mastercard 3D Secure Technology, which enables the risk of a transaction to be assessed.

The Bank has also emphasized that shopping facilitates "unrestricted" digital services, which consumers can buy at any time, anywhere and anywhere without any commodity.

On the other hand, Cetelem, from the French BNP Paribas Group, will reduce the interest rate to 3.95% in three lenders, and Cofidis's consumer loans will be a specialized financial finance company.

In the insurance sector, Axa Partner will make a 30% discount on travel insurance for travel, and will be available until November 26.

The "Black Friday" online shop is the main attraction for customers who will have discounts, without having to make long rows and queues, and can pay through cell phones, instead of cash.

Also, due to the large volume of purchases expected these days, they have strengthened security campaigns to prevent them from preventing practice called "phishing".

However, there are numerous offers, do not forget about planning and prudence, such as a financial comparator expert Help My Cash recommends users to manage their "well" sales and make a list. Buy the maximum budget to spend.

The website also emphasizes that, in the case of financial purchases, a "smart" that prevents the introduction of a more rigorous account than the offer, and the offers to be able to pay as little as possible with other establishments.

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