Friday , March 31 2023

3 Things you can do with the new WhatsApp update


As it is a huge social network, Facebook bought the messaging application Immediately, its development is focused enlarge tools APP. First of all, the familiar stories, his Facebook and Instagram brothers added to him. Now, It has three new functions to improve its use.

Listen to the audio before sending it:

There's a little trick, With Android iOS, that allows it Listen to your voice note before listening The recipient and the users know little.

When the microphone button is pressed, to record the voice memo, Arrive until the padlock icon appearsto release your finger and continue recording.

When the audio is finished, instead of clicking on the send button, press the back button to exit the conversationLater, there will be a small vibration in the device.

When you return to chat, The recorded message will appear at the bottomYou can choose to listen and decide or send or cancel.

Stickers have arrived:

Users In the application you can use familiar stickers. An existing feature in chat messaging, Instagram Stories or Telegram ChatsIt's both enabled for Android and iOS.

You need to use it WhatsApp Version 2.18.101. Select Emojis to send. Then, within the text box, It will appear belowEmojis and gifs, next to the icons, a new option for stickers.

Manage contacts:

Now, users can customize APP to see the most talked about contacts. You can specify how many pictures or messages you have from your contacts.

To get this functionality, go to & # 39; Settings & # 39 ;, & # 39; Data & Storage & # 39 ;, and select the & # 39; storage usage & # 39; choice Here you will find a list of data exchanges. By choosing, you will see when you exchange messages, photos or documents.

You can also customize notifications in this menu, Specify special users, warning toneLight and vibration equipment, completely customized.

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