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& # 39; 1810 & # 39; a decade of reality: Angelica Sepulveda was revealed to be pregnant in the final | TV and shows

It's definitely a reality 1810 Channel 13 was one of the most successful areas of this genre broadcast on television. With a memorable performance, there are lots of stories woven inside the property located in Pirque.

It is one of the most important memories of this program Angelica SepulvedaThey were invited tonight to Tuesday Night is ours In Chilevision, where he made an unprecedented revelation.

It is true that at the end of the show of reality and the final final of the Mapoons Station, two months after, the participants in that case continued to prepare for the final battle.

One of them was Sepúlveda, because at that time the production of space was complex, because it would not appear to be at the end, because of its lack of demands.

But nobody knew until now that Angelica could strictly change her future news. Nearly a decade after the event, revealing "Yungay's evil" by Jean-Philippe Cretton and Felipe Vidal Arturo Prat was pregnantHe asked the respondent in the interview.

In the interview, he said that the rest of the party was not defended, but they had not invited the final photo shooters. At that time, he assured "Stress felt very keen and unwanted. Arturo continued my training and continued training, I started training and I felt bad".

He added: "Surprise, I was pregnant", Decomposes the animator.

"I told Arturo that I felt strange, bad, and said: "Are not you pregnant?" And I told her I did not believe that it was just stress"He explained.

Then Arthur said he could do a test, but he dismissed the result, because he did not want to leave at the end and did not want to underline it. "I did not say "relax," it's all good & # 39;".

As for the production, she spoke with María José Barraza (reality producer) and said that she did not have enough to appear in the final appearance, but from that point they had to tell a contract and it must be Yes or not. Of course he told them he was pregnant.

The producer does not know this revelation

In the Fourth Interview, Barraza said she did not know she was ever pregnant. In addition, the production offered a period of 15 days for all those who attended the doctors and made the first competitions.

"In 1810 The disaster occurred within two months, and they returned to the final. If he were aware of that, we would not let him participate in the last one or "I'm pregnant". I really see the strange situation, "he said.

Vasco Moulian, the 13 channel programmers director at that time, and Sergio Nakasone, executive producer, said he did not know about this information.

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