Saturday , February 4 2023

& # 39; The & # 39; External Future: Blue Blue decided not to renew the contract for Johnny Herrera


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It's a reference Chile University, but his future is questioned. Johnny Herrera It would probably be for the next few years, before the follow-up reviewers.

According to El Mercurio, in Blue Blue is not happy with the club's criticism against the organizationAs it did on Tuesday.

"Decisions have been made to avoid taking a good port. The training accelerated, the coaches changed and internal discussions were there. We are all, we won the title, but perhaps we were rewarded for a bad year for bad organizations "was one of the tremors that kicked the goalkeeper, led by Carlos Heller.

These would be questions Managers are ready to leave Herrera before the end of the contractfixed December 2019. Of course, they would look Avoid deciding to break the candidate's candidacy for membership of fans.

What would have already been determined Leadership will not take into account the renewal of the concierge contractBecause they acknowledged that they were not responsible for being "U". "He is tired of the club's indifference. When the relationship is trying to find another way, I have a small contract and I intend to finish it as much as possible. Or if not, relax the place where you are the happiest"He said, his future is clear and blues may be far from being in the context.

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