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4 dental problems with the 4 most problematic people in Chile


Dentistry problems have a chronic illness, the most frequent and frequent population, because it is an important problem in public health, especially because of the low socioeconomic strata and the high cost of treatment.

Vidal Alejandro Pomés, a surgeon at the dentist and professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at Finis Terrae University, reports on the most urgent problems caused by the Chileans.

1. Caries:

This is a chronic illness of microbial origin, that is, to destroy the tough tissues of the tooth. Dental enamel is demineralized, a layer of tooth layers, a bacterial plaque produced by acids that produce a set of organic bacteria.

These take advantage of the remains of our "civilized" diet, including sweets, cookies and beverages, such as carbohydrates.

"After this initial attack and this kind of superficial chemical, bacteria continue to invade the tooth structure, causing the destruction of the tooth, the percentage that deeply follows in the enamel"
Pomés explains.

According to the Ministry of Health (Minsal) statistics, cavities begin in the first years of life and age growth is important. In both years, prevalence of caries is 17.5%, in 49.6% and 6 years in 4 years, mixed tooth, that is to say, provisional and final tooth, 70.4%. The age of 12 is 62.5% and has reached 99.4% among adults between 65 and 74.

2. Gingival and periodontal disease:

Pomés has said that most Chileans are a dental problem gingivitisIt is the inflammation of the gums caused by the bacterial plaques described above.

Academics, if this inflammation is not controlled, the process will continue with periodontal disease, with bacteria that originate.

"Gingivitis implies the loss of dental implant, that is, the loss of the tissues inside the teeth within the teeth of the teeth,
what will be without loss of treatment, "said the teacher.

3. Dentomaxillary anomalies:

They are anatomical and / or functional changes that affect the relationship between the dentomyx and / or bony harmony of the oral cavity. According to Pomés, there are several factors, such as the genetic component, a sleeve or both, anomalies of number and tooth size, temporary loss of premature teeth, interproximal caries, incorrect suction habits. and mouth breathing, among others.

4. Oral Cancer:

It is a chronic and complex disease. "The main risk factors are tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption and excessive sun exposure", Pomés alerts.

The oral cases of cancer and pharynx, according to Minsal data, depend on 1.5% of male cancer and 0.7% in women.

The Faculty of Dentistry of Finis Terrae University stressed that it is essential to look for strategies to promote healthy habits of childhood population and food habits. "Transferring oral health information to the dental and educational team is essential, as patients should regularly visit the dentist"he finished.

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