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4 reasons why Apple's stock is getting worse – BBC News


Apple's technology company Wall Street was an appendix for the US center's financial center.

The first US company has contributed to the trilion dollar market, offering products that manage more money than the economy of some countries.

Loyal consumers are ready to buy their first-time Apple products on Saturday.

In recent weeks, the California company lost its perishable value.

Your actions It wasn Have fallen by more than 20% From October onwards, the price of other companies and, in general, the market stability.

The share price is less than US $ 180, but recently US $ 230.

What's happening?

the stock market
Technology company shares have fallen by more than 20%.

1.- Investors are concerned about iPhone sales

In September the company presented a new product line, but it is not clear that the momentum is selling the thrill.

The number of products sold in the last quarter of 2018 has not changed much.

And when the growth between 0% and 5% per year is profitable (when families usually get the most recent devices) investors are reluctant to create a fast selling of securities.

The latest innovations in the production cuts of some company contractors have also contributed to anxiety, although these movements are difficult.

Situation It was exacerbated by the decision Apple iPhones, iPads, and other products do not stop reporting how many years they're selling, concealing something by raising their suspicions.

"The suspension of IPhone's data breakdown broke the back of the camel," says Daniel Ives, Director of Wedbush Securities.

Services: the future of growth?

2.- Apple high prices can be affected by business if there are problems with the economy

In recent years, sales of telephone companies have dropped, with price growth, to obtain a record of profits, even when contracting the industry.

But it is expected that the economies around the world and the US will slow down. Also, the latest information on consumer trends is not clear.

The cheapest device in the new line iPhone costs $ 750, which will endanger the company's slowdown in the economy. Sales forecasts for the same company have increased fears.

"The trend generated by the average sales price will not last forever," says Angelo Zino, analyst with analyst CFRA analysts.

He added: "I think it's a real concern for investors, how long can this situation be extended?"

3.- Investors do not trust, always in Apple's business dedicated services

The technology company has identified its services, among others ApplePay, App Store and Apple Music, among others, as the next growth source. Wait up Earnings US $ 50,000 taking advantage of a large number of users.

But investors still have a lot of questions. For example, Apple has not revealed plans for access to television and film networks, and health goals are also unknown.

"Analysts should adapt to the characteristics of a business that encourage small and regular payments, rather than large revenue generated by known devices," says Carolina Milanesi, Market Strategic Research analyst.

However, they are currently concerned about Apple's state of affairs you premature

"We know that the sale of iPhones will not increase, or even less, and there is nothing to achieve this fall, of course, there are reasons to worry, but it's too early for that," says Milan.

"One year," he continues, "if we see that service business does not come out in the way we expect, then the severity may be legal."

Apple logo
For some, Apple's future concerns are too early.

4. Apple reflects concern about China's trade voltage.

The technology sector, in general, has suffered a decline in recent years, investors have abandoned a market created by profits early in the year.

However, until Apple released its first update on November 1 for investors, the uncertainty of the markets did not prevent much of the stock, compared to two events.

But now the market fears hit Apple. And there are several: overvaluing, interest rates, currency fluctuations and trade tensions between China and US.

The Asian country is particularly concerned about the Chinese-Chinese region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Profit up 20% business

The field is also based on manufacturing, but for now, its products are exempt from fares.

"It's a permanent tension," says Ivesk. But Apple's future is long-lasting.

"I do not think there's a big change in Apple's history over the next two, three or four years," he concluded.


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