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4 Tips for preventing the transmission of HIV

It's December 1 AIDS Day World Day. That is why Gynecologist Evelyn Campos offers four tips to prevent infection.

Over 42 million people nowadays affect HIV throughout the world. In 2016, about a million people died of AIDS-related illnesses. However, UNAIDS indicates that the growth of infected people in Latin America fell by 17%.

As part of the celebration of World AIDS Day, Dr. Evelyn Campos Zúñiga, a gynecologist specializing in the Ricardo Palma clinic, has four women counselors to reduce the spread of HIV.

1. Use of condoms: The use of condom is advised to have sex, especially when it is associated with spores.

2. Lubricants that are soluble in water: When using lubricants, it is better to mess with water. Other presentations may damage or compromise the condom to show you.

3. Do not share balance needles: It is recommended that needles and syringes are not new to prevent possible HIV infection, a way to achieve this disease is blood.

4. Analysis of pregnant women. In order to avoid the transmission of viruses, it is recommended that all pregnant women carry a liver test with their first pregnancy check. In order to detect it in time, the mother can start the proper treatment to reduce childhood awareness.

In the end, Dr. Campos recommends receiving information on prevention methods and recommending the gynecologist to detect risk at a specified period of time.

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