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40% of your health depends on caring for your well-being and lifestyle


When we talk about health and well-being, the idea of ​​“lifestyle” quickly comes to mind. This concept refers to the set of behaviors we adopt and includes many of the risk factors we incorporate into our lives: poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, among others.

According to the study, The way we live depends on 40% of our health30% affect the environment, 20% affect the health system and 10% are related to a biological component.

In short, our good health is in our hands and we need to direct our actions to a better quality of life.

Seeking well-being: disease and pain management

Diabetes is a reference when it comes to well-being, which is the most common endocrine disease, associated with higher morbidity and mortality), cost (individual and social), and control, prevention, and complication options.

In these cases, for example, good control of the disease through glycemic control, along with controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and excess weight, as well as preventing vascular events, helps to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Another problem that causes a feeling of well-being is poor pain management. In most patients, pain limits the performance of daily activities. The most common is associated with poor posture during the day; Other causes include being overweight, having high levels of stress, doing housework that you were not used to, among other things.

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