Saturday , January 16 2021

6 reasons that the government's HIV campaign is bad

The Government continues the mistakes set in the field of HIV, Minsal's internal conflicts and the impossibility of progressing in the National HIV prescribed in May 2018 is currently in the final phase of the mass campaign.

Without a previous or unprecedented appearance, it was the appearance of HIV campaigns on the last day of January, the Government offers a place for bid for 400 million pesetas per year for the HIV campaign and has been influenced by the market. public

Beyond anecdotal, the campaign does not meet the minimum requirements for public health campaign against a growing epidemic. I will give you the basic reasons for the study.

1.- The final phase of the 2018 campaign for the campaign for the HIV campaign, which is the result of the non-publicity and non-publicity resulting from the semi-clandestine HIV campaign, at the end of the year. A few months ago the Campaign began with a small impact, with no express statement of the massive casting, and then asked young people to take the test. At the end of the year, the second stage will be launched, without warning, everything indicates the execution of the bidding budget executed, the poorly planned and not very long-term work.

2.- The campaign is not a preventative, promotes an HIV transmission that promotes HIV transmission or promotes behavior towards self-sufficiency, which helps reduce the health goal. contagious diseases. A similar initiative was developed in the first government of Piñera because it was not related to self-care processes of sexual health, as well as the use of the condom, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis and gonorrhea by the Ministry of Health.

3.- The goal of this campaign is not to know thousands of people living with HIV due to the difficulty of the trial process and the stigma that is with HIV. This government was committed to addressing HIV at national level, but did not focus on it, in this way we have a semi-hearted campaign that is not a viable general support or framework.

4.- The campaign aimed at promoting the HIV test was a rapid diagnostic test in public health centers, especially for primary care. It should be tested within 30 days in the middle of the year, but the reality shows that at the end of the year Health Services and some clinics were tested, so the clinics that are currently unknown will be available. There is a need to measure the list of places to study, and this proposal is not available for testing for community organizations that were available in different parts of the country.

5.- A campaign aimed at the back of civil society, which only includes the formal action that is carried out by the AIDS Act (19.774). Additionally, the participation of health workers is not developing in development, as was done in previous campaigns in the region or region to increase efficiency and impact. Mañalich's repetition of the era is an authoritative campaign, without working with civil society, without working with SEREMIS, without the participation of health workers, the clear clarity of MINSAL consultants and the second floor of La Moneda. .

6.- The repetition that is quite serious this campaign is based on homophobia and transphobia in 2018. These populations with the highest HIV impact, as epidemiology shows far away, account for more than 70% of these groups. Cases and populations with large numbers of deaths. This campaign is not responsible for the problem, it is not an effort to maintain this population, the place continues to provide a general message and includes female and female trans systems. Not a properly targeted public policy is understood as exclusion and exclusion. There's no name for it.

It is a witness and protagonist of many collaborative attempts at different sectors, I am helping the improvement in the response to the HIV epidemic, but the government does not know how to effectively address the epidemic. The necessary amendments will be made in 2019 and the Chileans will improve public health.

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