Wednesday , July 6 2022

68% of Chilean management believe that the economy progresses


The problem of the economy was the last week's agenda, but macro and micro-figures showed growth in activity, investment and consumption, but it is the feeling that everyone is not the best time.

Perceived by 2.3% of Imacec's perceptions did not leave in July -7.1% in September and September.

The questions raised a rapid reaction from the government. The Minister of Economy, José Ramón Valente, began a series of presentations on seminars, radio, television and press, which were not acknowledged, but should be explained without realization.

But what do those who carry out business in the Chilean business world think about the economy? In choosing the most important personalities in the business world during the year, surveys conducted by PULSO, Cadem and Adolfo Ibáñez, including nearly 400 entrepreneurs, business executives and managers, also analyze the country's economy.

Their results have shown that Chile is a more positive vision that is happening. In fact, after consulting the current situation of the economy, 68.1% say that the country is moving forward, that 29.3% drops the economy and a drop of 2.6%.

Looking at future perspectives, humor becomes much more optimistic, 81.4% of the respondents believe that it will advance the economic situation in the next 12 months.

Asked about the business reality, the answers are also optimistic. 68% believe that the overall economic situation of their company is good or good, 23.3% regular and 5.9%, bad or very bad.

As in the country's economic situation, in the next 12 months, business reality will be better. In fact, 80.4% will be very good at 14.9%.

All efforts will be concentrated

The Chilean company management team has defined the efforts already made for 12 months. According to data obtained by PULSO, Cadem and Adolfo Ibáñez, 23% of companies are in the field of competitiveness, economy and trade.

The new technology is the subject of this problem, 21.8% will combine all efforts in the field of digital transformation, innovation programs and cost effectiveness.

The third issue of third-party concern is a matter of law. According to the survey, 10.3% of those surveyed believe that the main efforts and resources will be subject to changes in the regulatory framework and legal uncertainty.

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