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A 5-year-old boy dies to suffer from human anger

One dog cuts a dog on November 19 and ten days later, anti-rabies was subject to a vaccine regime.

A 5-year-old boy was buried on Saturday morning at the Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital in Santo Domingo, after the human rabbit, Clemente Terrero, head of the health center, told Efe.

Ten days into the hospital, children were induced coma and yesterday their condition worsened, presenting breathing, brain and heart failure, the doctor explained.

With death, this year the number of deaths grows in four countries, the second child who died for less than a month after this illness.

Terrero called for the authorities to "intervene firmly", therefore, there is no new case of human anger, and consequently they reach the patient's death.

A dog killed a dog on November 19 in Pedernales, southwestern Dominican Republic, and ten days later he underwent an anti-vaccine scheme, receiving four doses, according to a report from that time Robert Read Cabral Hospital.

Last Friday, December 14, at the age of 6, a human dinner was killed, when he died at the hospital hospital, from Pedernales, when a dog arrived at the hospital for seven months.

According to the Dominican Ministry of Health, between this August and September this year, the day of the dogs and cats vaccination was carried out in Pedernales to correct 4,708 animal death estimates from 5,000 inhabitants, with coverage of 94.16%.

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