Saturday , May 8 2021

A curious "meme" from the Kudai group, the TV and show walked through Las Condes Festival

On the first day of Thursday Las Condes festival, Which was broadcast by Channel 13. The event brought together almost 25 thousand people at Padre Hurtado Park.

He left all night romanticism Jessie and Joyhe continued with the humor "Pastelito de Chile" and it was over Kudai, Which they did on Twitter, but for a strange detail of the jacket of their members.

The dressed clothes become Tomás Manzi After a conversation, after an interview, he talked about groups like women "Las Calilas y el Mojojojo".

You can see the musician's jacket on the face of the woman, but on the painting body Mona Lisa, also a well-known image in social networks.

When Twitter caught the moment and shared it with social media, it caught the attention of the audience.

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Remember, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m., Las Condes Festival has achieved 10.3 online scoring points. At the same time, TVN 5.3 units, Mega 10.6 and CHV 11.8 units were obtained.

This Friday, on the second night of the Las Condes Festival, they will present the Mexican Emmanuel, Melón and Melame pairs and Américo singers.

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