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A eBook that limits perfection


November 2007, the first one Amazon KindleThe device that revolutionizes the world of reading. Until then, the only way to read the comfort was in paper format. Eleven readers selected for modifying the Kindle for eleven years later are priced or comforted.

In fact, one month ago, Amazon introduced its new Kindle Paperwhite. We were lucky to try and we'll tell you what we think of this electronic book.

Simple design and pleasant touch

Kindle Paperwhite design is distinguished by its simplicity; Because reading is supportive, it is logical. Device color is only available black, that feels pretty good; even that misses White versions exist as Kindle standard. Coloring more than black and white would be an unfair choice because captivating colors would make reading more difficult.

It has some Kindle front pretty large frames. Amazon must try to minimize it to make it look as close as possible to a paper book. It is not a particularly important aspect; but we're talking about less-productive products.

Paperwhite backspace pleasant and gentle touch, something more than in previous generations. In the past models, a touch more like a book was like an electronic device, a feeling that changes with the new one.

Featherweight and comfort

This electronic book only weighs 191 grams (in the upper version) and has excellent weight distribution; That is, it is possible to use it trying with one hand no The new paperwhite is far more faint and lighter than its predecessor, 10% is thinner. The dimensions are: 167 x 116 x 8.2 millimeters.

The back, which we have talked about already, improves the level comfort and ergonomics. In this sense, Kindle Paperwhite is more comfortable than a paper book. Many still prefer paper; but each time they have less arguments to deal with changes.

Caps that reduce weight reduction

If you have an electronic book, you will use a case to protect it. It's fun for Amazon to weigh almost Kindil's weights twice a weight

Amazon does not know about it Flipping all the progress reducing the weight of your device. The company at the moment makes a serious mistake and should do something to change it.

Enhanced lighting on the screen

It continues to keep the screen size 6 inches, more than enough figure; However, if you increase the size a bit, some readers may be happy. The screen is good quality, but this particular model is a clear reading.

Shown in the screen 300 dpi and he has it 5 LED lightsyour real strength Readers read a lot about how uncomfortable it is to turn on the light and be clear. The new Kindle Paperwhite is not necessary, as it is possible read that it is completely dark thanks to different lighting levels.

In this regard, the reader's habits are a lot. I'm one of those who prefer a screen illuminator or a screen that I prefer, I feel closer to the paper. On the other hand, others see it as a function that enriches reading.

This is a positive side of the screen It does not emit reflectionswhere we are where we can show the text with great clarity. If you're sitting in the light of the sun, do not worry, your reflections on your Paperwhite screen will not show up.

Water resistant and more storage

The new paperwhite is water-resistant; This feature will be lovers of beach and swimming pools, as well as in the bathtub with which they read with him. It's a protection level IPX8; That is to say, it can be immersed in fresh water at a depth of 2 meters for up to 60 minutes. In other cases it is also clear.

We have been able to verify the device's availability of dives. Of course, you have to be careful dry properly once we get water, especially in the USB port.

It becomes the minimum internal storage for this model 8 GB; Its predecessors had 4 GB. Integrates Paperwhite's most powerful version 32 GB ROM, which guarantees it library library wide. It is tough for a person to occupy all those GB in the book.

New dark mode and redesigned interface

The level of personalization offered by this device is enormous. We can create it fully molded formats In our tastes: size, margins, types and reading options. It's the most interesting asset a dark new way.

This reverse colors; That is, the letters are white and black on the back. Thanks for this We force less eyes in poor light conditions.

The electronic book also renews its interface. Now it's a lot Make it easier to find in our library thanks to the search engine The bottom of the interface has also changed, as it facilitates personalized recommendations Authors and authors based on our tastes.

The recommendations have been quite useful to me on the eBook. I have often seen myself desperate to know when to finish the extraordinary book and to find similar novels that cover this gap. Amazon makes the task easier and offers very specific recommendations.

Endless battery and 4G LTE connectivity

The Kindle battery is one of the strengths of Paperwhite, considering it is logical to replace the paper. If it were loaded every day or several times a week, nobody would use it.

Of course, it depends on the device, Wi-Fi connection, 3G, or the use of a spark, if not used. The tool has been tested every day for more than an hour and seems to be all months and a half autonomy; As Amazon says, the battery may last for six weeks, so the brand must be said.

Loading the battery every two times is not to worry about. In addition, the load is relatively fast, It is fully loaded for three hours.

Kindle Paperwhite has a Wi-Fi connection; but it is also possible to make purchases 4G LTE. In that sense, it does not have 4G LTE The user has no costBecause Amazon is in charge of spending.

Kindle Paperwhite touches perfection

Kindle Paperwhite is a 2018 product touches perfection. It is a readership support that meets its goal absolute refinement. Only margins can be frames; But it does not matter much about that device.

Paperwhite's new model is an eBook nice, light, comfortable, with a high level of personalization and more than just battery and ROM. They will be able to ask a little more about Amazon, with a perfectly designed product.

Kindle Paperwhite is 2018 Available in three models:

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