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A "explanation" given by a man who had anger in the game "Talent" in the game national

On the first hours of Thursday, Manuel Jesús Gómez Díaz (58) with his son Manuel Gómez Roco (25) When a ticket was added to the Talca Casino, they were destroyed when they joined the vehicle after joining the kutxazaine and local guard.

Outside of the Supreme Court of the capital of Maule, Gómez Díaz explained that he was suffering from diabetes in the press, he could be the cause of the car, he said in the morning of La Red.

Yesterday, both Carabineros were detained and damaged, threatened and poisoned while driving. However, when they were formalized, they were left alone Precautionary measures and prohibition to approach any country casino In the three months of the investigation.

In the Court, Gabriela Vargas explained that "due to ordinary customers of Talca casino, "Conflict when there is alcohol".

"At the same time, M.G. threatened people with a gun and I went Make shit everybody A few minutes earlier, the plans were heard outside the casino, in front of alleged suspects. The damages are $ 5 million, "said the prosecutor.


When his explanation is revealed, Volvo's driver kept up with everything, because they both refused to drink. When he consulted the cashier's Venezuelan nationality, he added "I need to have more respect for Chileans, here we open the door". Leave me, the woman called them guard, who fell on the ground and then took her son.

"I'm baptized, I had 7 heart attacks, I lost control of the vehicle, when I went, I got out of the way. I suffered a disapproval and even though my son changed the change and that's why the vehicle went back and forth (…) I lost … I had a hypoglycaemia, I am a diabetic (…) I have 3 passages, I can not do any strength, "said Manuel Gómez.

While he was fascinated, the advocate of driving added: "When it's a glass explosion, hit us. Me to me you see I'm pretty face. They took off the crime po & # 39;. I broke all Volvo glasses. Volvo was a new mine (…) You do you think Will my car crash for $ 25 million? What would be interesting? pull it on a showcase? "


Gómez Díaz Talca casino prisoners sell cocaine. "If you buy a part of $ 10,000, you buy 20 thousand dollars and buy two thousand papers and buy $ 50,000 more … Those who handle this situation are guards," she says.

"Every time we took an Absolut Raspberry, no more, glass … You'll see what's going to happen at last. Continue the situation, and I want to be clear: casino cocaine is sold," he ended indignantly.

This article describes the ongoing judicial process

The positions will be excluded at the end of the investigation, therefore Completed will not be guilty Until justice is delivered.
(Code of Criminal Procedure 04)

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