Wednesday , October 27 2021

A few hours sleeping junk food food – Infofueguina


It's a threat to rest during a few nights, because the desire to eat junk food and to test it is not enough to sleep only one night.

According to a study published by a study Neuroscience Magazine and is led by Julia Rihm, from the University of Colonia, Germany.

There are sleep disorders that associate a lot of learning or sleeping with excessive metabolic disorders, such as insomnia, after a night, to have the most entry. In this work, we wanted to explain the internal mechanisms of loss of dreams in line and in our weight.

German experts worked with a group of volunteers, after having drank the same supper dinner, others were there in the laboratory that had been awake all night.

The next morning, the whole group looked at the food's desire (especially snacks and junk food) and brain activity.

That's how it came up with more night-time thinking importance Foods have shown their neutrality in terms of neutrality, the brain-related areas of emotion and hunger are more active if they are not sleepy.

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