Tuesday , January 18 2022

A galaxy approaches the milk path and its collision ends today on the ground


As you say Study conducted by researchers from Durham University, In the United Kingdom, La Great Magellanic Cloud it would be knocking Milky Way, and the products of this state can turn into an inactive black hole in our center of the galaxy.

du Milky Way It is surrounded by a group of smaller galaxies in the area, one of them Great Magellanic Cloud. Sometimes smaller constellations are larger.

In this regard, the creators of the research have said that this great cloud will lose more energy our galaxy has been carrying over 2 million yearsLess than six million million years ago, the Milky Way and Andromeda fleet.

In this regard, Marius Cautun, the principal author of the research, "Although 2,000 million years are very long, It is very short in cosmic time scales".

"The Magellanic Cloud Large, the Milky Way, will become our galaxy Active galactic nucleus or quasar, the astronomical source of electromagnetic energy, "the historian added.

In the end, Cautun assures: "This phenomenon will make the outer radiation of the black hole produce high energy feeds".

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