Monday , June 21 2021

A giant asteroid with more than 200 meters can approach the Earth's speed and force a nuclear bomb

A giant asteroid with more than 200 meters is facing Earth, according to NASA.

According to the US space agency, the rock called 2018 LF16 could hit the planet with a 50-megatonic force, such as a nuclear bomb, according to Sun. Of course, it's almost impossible to happen.

It happened on the 8th of August 2023 near the ground, but there are two other dates: August 3, 2024 and August 1, 2025.

According to the media in the media, rock Big Ben is similar to the classic clock in London.

We must confirm that the impact of our planet is hardly any. In this sense, on the scale of the risks of the impact of Turin, there is a "zero" strike on the ground.

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