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A man lost his illness apparently, apparently, the bite of a black widow

According to a report published in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, 50-year-old men developed a condition called urinary retention, which could not be evacuated despite a bladder.

50-year-old man developed a condition called urinary retention. flickr

Reasons for avoiding the bite of a widow's black widowLatrodectus mactans) are many, but for the time being, no one suspects that the ability to get rid of it may be lost. However, this was a Canadian one, according to a published report Canadian Emergency Medicine Magazine. After a little spider, A condition called Water Acute Retention was developed, which means that they can not be evacuated even though there is a whole bladder.

Man discovered the spider in the southern Ontario mountains (Canada). Two hours later, he felt pain overwhelming on foot, and the next morning he developed an abdominal abdomen. The doctors thought it was a pain caused by kidney stones and it was nothing more than a spider, so he sent him home, as he explained LiveScience.

However, her pain worsened, her sweating and two eyelids swollen. His blood pressure was very high And a CT study revealed that his bladder is very bright, he added.

After carefully examining the skin, The doctors did not prove bite or compassionThat is why he suspected that a widow widowed in the northern part of the north was suspected of dying, a species found in southern Ontario.

Widows of black spider veins can be responsible for the loss of mankind after bite. As a result, a medical syndrome called latrodectism, high blood pressure, intense sweating and muscle pain. (Read: In the end, you know the secret of super-telescope power)

The enzymes that produce a large number of neurotransmitters that are found in the poison have significant enzymes that cause neurons to transmit signals from other sources and vasodilators (which increase the blood vessels and increase blood flow).

The release of one of these neurotransmitters, called azetylcholine, Urinary retention can be one of the causes of man And the difficulties of urinating after spider bite, experts say.

It may be aggravated by men's age. In the 1950's, good prostatic hyperplasia was developed for prostate or prostate enlargement, they explained. The doctors can not once again prove that the spider bite was the cause of human urinary retention, and there is no precedent in scientific literature. (You can read: Why do not you kill the spider you see in your home?)

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