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A mobile phone may be a commonplace, so it's got to be cleaned

Mobile helps us at all times in our everyday lives. It brings us up to the table, in the kitchen, in the toilet … and in every place, the phone is full of dirt and bacteria. Although it is unknown to our eyes, the truth is that mobile phones can be dirty.

According to a 2011 study, researchers at the School of Hygiene and Hygiene Medicine in London may find fixed issues in 6 of the smartphone results.

In 2009, a new study on the bacteria found in devices seen in cellular "pathogens deposits" has been done, when faced with faces, ears, lips, and hands of users of different health conditions. "This research has been proven by smartphones, such as pathogens like streptococcus they cause serious infections.

Additionally, in our current day, "we are touching on more than one generation-of-the-art history, from ATMs to self-service. We are currently collecting microscopes to phones that bring us noses, noses, or mouths," said Dr. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the current Arizona University.

As a result, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that 80 percent of infections are transmitted by hand and that mobile phones have become "accomplices".

That's why it's important to keep our device as clean as possible. But how to do it Below there are some tips for mobile cleaning.

Something that Apple does not notice, it uses liquid or disinfectant devices. Other companies like Motorola suggest using a microfibre cloth, as we use to clean glasses, with a bit of water. For the pixel, Google uses a small soap, if needed.

There are other ways to clean our devices. To do this, we need microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol, cotton and swabs, cleaning gloves and, of course, water.

Water-saving devices can be prepared and disseminated with alcohol and distilled water. Alcohol is disinfected and evaporated quite quickly. Spray device and rinse with a cotton chop.

For mobile phones with no water, we need to take a little more care. Wet towels can be tested to clean the screen and clean the device's back.

In the end, we can also use floating cleaning products on the market. For example, PhoneSoap is a mobile device disinfectant and, as certified, eliminates 99% of bacteria with UV light.

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