Thursday , October 6 2022

A NASA scientist visits foreigners without realizing it


Similarly, the scientific community should consider a large number of reports on UFOs, they can not "explain or deny" their sighting.

Usually, if there are intelligent beings from other planets and they have the ability to visit aboard, the skeptics argue that this is impossible and, if that were the case, we saw them.

However, recently, a scientist at the NASA, Silvano P. Colombano, said it is possible that foreigners have visited the Earth, but no one has noticed.

Colombano suggests that extraterritorials are very different from carbon-based organisms, many of which are on our planet.

In addition, scientists can not even make a trip to the world without using technology, which is why no one has noticed their presence.

In terms of the method used by Intellectual Structural Search (SETI), this is a part of Colombano, it should consider "alien intelligence decoding workshop" to expand the idea of ​​being a planet. .

"We wanted to think about the discovery of the intelligence, and we could find it (if it's not done yet), but we could not do it with the carbon organisms like us," said Dr. Colombano. an article

That is why NASA scientists advise the "study of" foreigners to study the most highly-regarded global alliances, which is relatively small and difficult to detect.

"When we discovered that technological development in our civilization started 10 million years ago and began to create scientific methodologies less than 500 years ago, we believe that it could be a real problem for the technological evolution, in the next thousand years, without mentioning 6 million times", argued yours.

In the end, Colombano asked techniologists to know more about the "artificial intelligence" and "robotic evolution systems". At the same time, the scientific community called for a large number of UFO reports that they could not "explain or deny" their sight.

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