Many advocates of alternative therapies claim the freedom to use the treatments they decide to treat their ailments, arguing normally that they do not pose any harm to their health. At best, they may not work. The problem is that the fact that they do not work can cost the patient life, especially if it has stopped being subjected to the right treatment.

If that patient's height is a boy and his family has been Convinced that he abandoned traditional medicine, which seemed an innocent treatment from placebo to convert a serious crime, who must be tried and convicted.

This is what has happened to the naturist Americans Timothy Morrow, which has just been convicted in Los Angeles a four months in jail and a fine of $ 5,000 for exercising unlicensed medicine and, worse, leading a diabetic child of only thirteen years to death.

When pseudo-sciences become a crime

Edgar López He was a child of thirteen years, affected by diabetes that forced him to administer insulin daily, like so many other people in his situation. One day, after going to a talk of Timothy Morrow, her mother decided to take him to her inquiry, in search of a second opinion about your treatment.

After receiving it and studying his case, the naturist explained to the parents that the best option was to leave the medication that was prescribed in the hospital and replaced by a lavender oil They should rub regularly on the child's column. They would have no problem finding this wonderful ointment, for he himself I sold it on its website.

So begins the terrible story that ended with the life of Edgar, after several weeks of suffering.

According to the false doctor, this alternative treatment would heal the child definitely. This is a statement too tempting for parents whose son has been diagnosed with an illness for which he or she will have to be medicated throughout his life. Therefore, they decided to accept the proposal and they forgot about insulin, depositing all their confidence in that miraculous oil. Just a few days later, the boy began to seriously ill, according to his father, Delfino López Solís, in the trial that took place on February 25th.

I had the lost look, difficulty breathing and his skin I was cold to the touch Little by little I was losing weight, until I reached them 30 kilos nothing else The situation was so unsustainable that, after a few days in that way, the marriage weighed to take a step back and return to the treatment of insulin. However, Morrow insisted that That medication was poison for Edgar and that what was happening was nothing more than a "healing crisis", so they should not call for emergencies. Even the very child, already weak and very ill, asked his parents to call 911, but when asked the naturist for advice He insisted that they did not.

Finally Edgar died because of one heart attack, a terrible event that would not have occurred if insulin was still administered, the forensic doctor later determined during the autopsy.

For all this, Morrow, of eighty-four years old, has been judged by crimes of child abuse and by Exercise the medicine without a license for that. He was finally sentenced to four months in prison and forty-eight months of probation. In addition, you will have to Pay the funeral of the deceased child and a fine of $ 5,000. He has not been blamed for murder, although he has been warned that if his activities once again cause the death of someone, he will have to face a trial for this crime.

The case of Edgar is a clear example of damage that can be done by pseudotherapies. It's not just a placebo effect. They can kill if they replace effective treatments, even in seemingly harmless cases, such as acupuncture or chiropractic, can cause serious injuries and also death. That is why it is so important to regulate them, especially if they are going to be used to treat minors, such as the deceased child. It is important to note that Edgar's parents wanted the best for their son, but a mixture of despair and ignorance made them an easy prey for an embaucator, who did business with the child's health, regardless of the danger that his life was. For stories such as this is so important disclose about pseudo-sciences. Because disclosure can save many lives.