Monday , May 16 2022

A new success | viewpoint


Tuesday, at 20.47 hours: InSight land in the land of Martian land after six months. NASA's new mission and space agency is becoming successful. We have reached another step in the history of humanity, and the InSight projection was launched on May 5 to return to the new generation of "stopping". It is incredible how amazing what can be done about human invention and the economic resources that are profitable in the future is as amazing as the recovery of resources invested in the field of research. And it is strange that everyone, even though it is distinguished by different ideologies and cultures, is to see a memorable event. For some moments, everyone entered the celebration. As Piergiorgio Odifreddi said: "There is no science, or ever, because it is a science".

Chiara Battini. Milan (Italy)

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