Wednesday , May 18 2022

A Samsung Twitter account has an iPhone iPhone Galaxy Note 9 screen


iPhone is a Chinese phone in China, according to a study

Show an Android from an iPhone, something that is becoming a habit, when we started to keep track of cases. A few weeks ago, Samsung told us that he had reported a deceased bill of millions of dollars against a contracting agent against South Korea, and was seen on TV with iPhone.

In this case, the situation is even more important, as it was famous Sent from iPhone betrayed Official Samsung Mobile Nigeria accountUsing an iPhone to promote Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Loss of these cases

Samsung iPhone

Marques Brownlee, in many ways, to make YouTuber the best technology In the world, and public discovery of similar cases, such as Gal Gadot, encourages iPhone to promote Huawei Mate 10, and one of them again. The Samsung Mobile Nigeria account, with almost 300,000 followers, Use an iPhone to promote Samsung Galaxy Note 9, make it clear Twitter via iPhone at the bottom of the tweet. As expected, the message was quickly removed, probably, the Comunnity Manager contract was published. After finding the verdict that Marques had blocked, something happened to Gal Gadot, which did not hesitate. block As every year, he unveiled an iPhone 10 that he used instead of Mate 10.

In spite of the failure, Samsung's response was immediate, deleting a tweak about iPhone delivery.

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Rarity is becoming commonplace, which is why Android is the iPhone's features. Gadot Huawei, using an Indian actor using the iPhone instead of Pixel 2 XL, and now promoting a Note 9 of Samsung Nigeria with a terminal using an apple on his back.

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