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A strange case after a few years after 30 years

Fate seems to merge Matías Campos Toro and Matías Campos López. Two homemade players played in Audax Italiano in 2009 and now, Once signed with the left-wing council, they share the group at the University of Chile.

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It's the second time in history for both players of the same name in the blue team at the same time. In 1989, when he took part in U rising football, there were two cases Luis Valenzuela.

Luis Valenzuela González He was the midfielder, & # 39; Tachuela & # 39; nickname, and started 25 games for college students to increase football. Historian Gustavo Villafranca that point "He has been a 32-year-old and has been an important career in many clubs with good campaigns, especially in Cobresal, and Luis Ibarra in the name of a young Luis Musrri.

It was another Luis Valenzuela VenegasWith the U-shirt he only played four games on the left. "The title title was Roberto Reynero, so the participation was very small and did not matter. Magallanes and Naval campaigns were good campaigns. He wore a bib, "Villafranca remembers.

In the third line, in the center of Héctor Hoffens, Luis Valenzuela González (on the left) and Luis Valenzuela Venegas (on the right).

Only Valenzuela came up twice with the U shirt. First on September 9, 1989, in the 2-1 victory against Osorno in Santa Luzia and on October 1 against San Vicente de Tagua Tagua Velásquez.

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