Thursday , August 11 2022

A strategy to prevent River Boca from gaining liberalization on the desktop


The formal request for Boca a la Conmebol was blurred: River Liberadores wants to play the current qualifying rounds and the title is in your hands. This claim made only the sacrifice of hatred between the two leaders, River must defend himself before Conmebol Disciplinary Court. Board of Directors Rodolfo Onofrio In the afternoon, he wishes to respect the commitment he has made with Conmebol on Saturday afternoon, on Sunday he will postpone the match and will be played at the Superclásico Monumental stadium and the public. To do this, the river strategy has two directions: Differentiate the near-mouth micro-attack in Bombonera in 2015 Pepper gas and clear windows outside the security perimeters of the club.

El May 14, 2015, Boca and River only won the Copa Libertadores' eighth rounds. River won 1-0 to get his first leg from Monumental to Uruguay Carlos Sánchez and the tie of the draft was classified to the next round. Compact and seasoned, River had a Boca superior in the first half. When Marcelo Gallardo recovered the field, he was hit by a spray attack at the security sleeve. Leonardo Ponzio and Matías Kranevitter First burns and intermittent blindness and most burning eyes were players Leonel Vangioni, Jonatan Maidana, Ramiro Funes Mori and Gonzalo Martínez They also had a bad time.

After spending an hour and a quarter of a mile, Referee stated that Darío Herrera was unable to continue the game. Four days later, Conmebol won the River 3 times and won the Boca contest. As part of the presentation on Sunday against Conmebol, Boca has to apply the same criteria to punish rivers and demand expulsion of the team Millionaire To obtain the title to participate in the competition Guillermo Barros Schellotto.

According to River, they are not common points The attack occurred three years ago and Boca pilots went to the Monumental stadium on Saturday. Three glasses of four and four windows that broke the stones and bottles were attacked by the medical reports presented by Boca, with the injured Pablo Pérez and the junior midfielder Gonzalo Lamardo. River will keep Konmebol ahead as it happened in 2015, the attack would not take place inside the stadium, but it was 800 meters long and outside the security perimeter that is covered by the club. The river also maintains that playing games and everything that is unmatched by the attack on pepper powder in the stadium, and if there is no meeting in the stadium today and the riots form a monument consisting of eight blocks.

In addition, the responsibility of the attack was not intended to clarify the River from the most important failures in the security operations. Among the chiefs of the river, Infobae said "there was a liberated area that was responsible for the police". She added: "When the buses arrived at the Boulevard Libertador and Lidoro Quinteros, police officers would have to take away 50-plus-meter-water enthusiasts. She passed the micro mouth and did not do it. It's very strange. "

River also evaluated their access to this defense Pablo Pérez Otamendi was reviewed in the sanatorium Herbal Ophthalmology Service, member of the Board of Directors of Boca and Head of the Department of Medicine of the Ribera Club.

River legal advisers worked against the clock to present the defense On Tuesday, the president of both clubs are quoted in the headquarters of Luque's Konmebol, to make a definition of it. There, in the outskirts of Asunción, Tomorrow Rodolfo D Onofrio, Daniel Angelici and Alejandro Domínguez will be in the morning, The president of Conmebol, who will be on the final Saturday, December 8th, will be exhibited in front of Monumental and stands. River says it's okay. Boca will leave the Dismantic Court and will be independent of Conmebol.

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