Tuesday , January 18 2022

A strong love affair between Shakira and Cerati


The secret is not that Shakira and Gustavo Cerati made friendship and admiration. However, a new publication has suggested that the love between the two artists could be more vivid than previously thought.

Shakira and Gustavo Cerati love story

According to Diario Gol, the closed sources assured that the singer could have a secret with the head of "Soda Stereo".

Both had a close relationship and they collaborated with three songs, but never confirmed their love affair, when they got married, when Gustavo married and divorced, he began a relationship with another. It was so great that they never saw their current partner, Gerard Piqué.

When Shakira died, in her concert, she opened her heart, she reminded the man she loved most and offered "Sale el Sol".

"This song has been a difficult time for everyone, it does not matter if things go wrong, it's clear that when I'm done on the road, I want to offer Gustavo Cerati to my excellent friend."


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