Tuesday , June 22 2021

A study on the genetically modified babies in China opens

A Chinese investigator has promised to verify claims of a Chinese scientific inquiry to verify claims generated by the genetically modified history of the first children as an act of "madness" of many researchers.

He Jiankui, a professor at the University of Shenzhen, in the Guangdong province (south), announced on YouTube YouTube video transmission, "a couple of weeks" to become a more resistant anti-virus virus for two weeks. AIDS

"The provincial health authorities of Guangdong have called for a thorough investigation into the facts", the National Health Committee reacted on Monday night saying "significant" about this issue.

He Jiankui's announcement created a wave of criticism from the world's scientific community, such as its own research center, the Southern Science and Technology University, which allowed it and named it "deeply surprised."

He is a geneticist trained at the Stanford University in the United States and develops a special Shenzhen Genome laboratory. In this way he used the CRISPR / Cas9 technique, "gum glands". It removes and replaces the inappropriate parts of the genome, as if it were a mistake on the computer.

After the in vitro fertilization of embryos emitted by Lulu and Nana Twins, they were born in the mother's womb.

This self-proclaimed medicine ball was not corroborated by the Chinese magazine's published results without publishing the results.

More than 100 Chinese scientists, chiefly biologists and physicians, say they are "crazy", "it's a great blow to global renown and biomedical research in China."

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