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A supplemental nutritional supplement for repairing excessive DNA from a patent

Posted 07/07/2013 13:09:44CET


A group of the Department of Physiology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Seville, Javier Díaz Castro, together with the University of Granada, patented the Patent and Trademark Office. Since the use of selenium (Se) is an antioxidant in sodium selenite, the damage that occurs in the DNA is to resolve acute alcohol consumption in a short time.

The Discover Foundation announces that the public purpose of the invention would be former consumers of teens (BD) or "& # 39; bottle & # 39; The consumer is called, in practice, for about two hours and about six consecutive alcoholic beverages.

According to recent patent published by the Official Industrial Property Gazette (BOPI), Selenito Sodium is called a nutritional supplement, a beverage or a medicine that is called to help solve excessive DNA damage caused by excessive abuses. Acute alcohol consumption, the use of this compound has been patented as supplemental food, drink or drug in the future as a possible treatment for the future.

In this context, researchers have previously seen that alcohol consumption has a BD type that maintains the balance of Se, the decrease in Se in the serum and liver, the antioxidant enzyme, the proportion of glutathione peroxidase activity in the serum and liver, as well as the change in the stability of the DNA, the main target for alcohol consumption youngsters they got it

The Discover Foundation explains Olimpia Carreras, the professor of Physiology of the Spanish and leading researcher of the main genome, the biomolecule (alcohol and lipids, alcohol-based alcohol consumption, "proteins and DNA) and, above all," prevents the use of selenium and solves the oxidative damage of DNA , which prevents the falling of the double tube that causes alcohol consumption, is more pronounced among young people. "

The oxidative damage that occurs in molecules, the consumption of alcohol caused by BD type causes instability in the DNA that may cause cardiovascular problems associated with the central nervous system or even cancer.

Selenium is a micronutrient essential in many foods we consume regularly. In previous studies, the ability of antioxidants has been proven to be capable of modifying the oxidative stress that occurs in the cells.

"It relates to diseases of the body that correspond to this compound, such as cancer, the immune system or the development of cardiovascular diseases". Alcoholic disease is a pathology. This has also shown that there is an absence of animals and animals. In humans, and accordingly, according to this hypothesis, it was necessary to verify the changes that occurred from an accessory, "explained Carreras.


Once the hypothesis was submitted, the researchers found alcohol with rats BD or & # 39; bottle & # 39; in the form of DNA instability and selenium deficiency without experimental malnutrition. .

Carreras points out that "while supplying sodium selenium at the same time, when alcohol consumption is experienced by rats, the stability of DNA is increased, as the DNA is prevented by the breakdown of the double stranded DNA, thus recovering cell damage and thus consuming acute Alcohol as a fracture That would be avoided by supposing a so cheap and effective supplement to youngsters who make botellón, and finally, because they could avoid organic harm in adolescence sent to BD and be beneficial throughout life. "

Several studies include the youngest teenager "& # 39; They mention one of the phenomenon issues. This is a very social media problem, but the oxidative damage caused by these types of consumption has been analyzed so far. Studies show that an additional selenium may restore negative effects on alcohol, but ADN-type BD alcohol consumption and adolescent DNA reactions have never been proven.

The type of consumption studied reduces blood alcohol levels to less than 0.8 g / l by abstinence alternating in other days. This alcohol intake model causes serious damage to certain pathologies, including the central nervous system alterations and various cardiovascular diseases, related to oxidative stress.

Research was carried out using rat models at the same time with BD type alcohol, and at the same time, the Se components were in the form of selenic sodium and these were not detected in the DNA chain. From this point on, some tests on volunteers who undergo this alcohol intake have to be carried out. Se: humans' in vivo & # 39; After the tests have been completed, the possible marketing procedures are complementary to food or drugs.

Physiologists who have heard of oxidative balance and alcoholism have been examining more than thirty years of alcohol-related experimentation and experimentation, such as follic acid or selenium.

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