Wednesday , October 20 2021

A time capsule that travels to the moon in the Israeli nuclear space PHOTOS Trade | Technology and science | science


Israeli scientists, who are preparing to launch the first spacecraft in their country, will present a time-lapse vaccine.

At this time capsule (or temporary), it is intended to be a testimony for future generations and thousands of digital disks with thousands of files. The same thing scientists dressed in white ceramic costumes, wearing white linen, where the project was developing.

These disks include children's drawings, images of Israeli symbols, such as blue and white, country songs and memories of the Holocaust. These will continue on the Moon.

SpaceIL's Israeli organization wants to launch a 585 kilogram spacecraft in February 2019, although it has not yet set a specific date.

Falcon 9 will be sent to the rocket expedition with the Space Company Company of Elon Musk. It will be located in the south of Cape Canaveral in Canada, and will be located in the southeast of the United States, and it will take a month and a half of boats to reach the Moon.

The project has a budget of $ 95 million and is funded by private employers. SpaceIL also joins Israel Aerospace Industries, one of the country's largest defense companies.

The resting device on the moon will find information to better understand the Moon formation process. These data will be shared with the American NASA.

Source: AFP

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