Thursday , June 24 2021

"Accepts Violence against Chile for Human Rights"

Camilo Catrillanca, dad, Marcelo CatrillancaIt was TrademarkDuring the militarizations of Aragon, the governments mentioned the responsibilities and emphasized that all governments had to "return" democracy.

Mapuche community father died on November 14 "The government is not the power of its actions", and the situation continues "that the poor and Mapuche suffer."

Catrillanca criticized the former presidents Michelle Bachelet UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. In his opinion, the former president has represented his position "in a bad way" "It was against Chile's human rights violations".

He also said he was "What was promoted initially by the Jungle Command".

"Terms are not given"

Camilo said that Sebastian Piñera did not want the president "Terms are not given": Recovery of the Jungle Command, reconstruction of the departure of Andres Chadwick's government and the territory of Mapuche.

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Marcelo Catrillanca's private interest is the resignation of Chadwicken, which is why he and his family demanded his statement from the Public Prosecutor. "The first son is a person who treats my son as a criminal"he said.

He later criticized a new mayor of Jorge Atton, La Araucanía, who in his tweets suggested "taking the military". These are the types of expressions that make up this "Invalid College" For the family of Catrillanca.

In the end, he also criticized the Minister of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno, and threw it on the floor with all the presidential efforts: "The Araucana Plan has been a huge defeat of Mr. Alfredo Moreno (…), with which we have not been able to achieve any such solution or trust."

Memories of his son

Marcelo Catrillanca recalls Camilo "Uplifting son" "He never had any problems."

He admits that he feels nostalgia, but said his grandson and Camilo was a pregnant partner. "They have suffered more than me"He said, and for that, Camilo was preparing to build the house. "I want to rest in peace at home," he added.

It's great to see his son's face everywhere and know that "Camilo crossed the border".

"Sometimes I feel happy or sad, but I want to know what is true. I want to know the caravan that killed my son," he said.

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