Wednesday , October 20 2021

According to Garcilaso, the Tapia team "under pressure and its offensive character as offensive"


According to the document prepared by Cuzco's "service of intelligence services", Tito plans to become a champion for several factors.

Héctor Tapia has a new challenge and will be outside of Chile, after signing the technical director Real Garcilaso The first round of the Copa Libertadores de Peru will play Deportivo La Guaira.

But how was the cast of Tito Cuzco? He made a detailed report on Chile's access to Chile "Club intelligence service".

There is a section that says in this writing "Game system and philosophy", Tito is noteworthy "A well-known player with his equipment and offensive character, with a great deal of aggression and an opponent with a high pressure."

He also emphasized that it is his goal "A group attack built and dynamic" and "Always leave playing behind and do not split the ball" and "the recovery ball as soon as possible, with high pressure before loss. If it is not successful, postponed and restructured." The promotion of youth has also been emphasized.

"We are confident, we are confident. We are looking forward to being the 2019 champion"said Julio Vásquez, President Garcilaso. See report, do not be optimistic.

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