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According to "Soccer Leak", Sergio Ramos allegedly violated the rules against doping


This "Der Spiegel" is published.

Another talk from the revelations of "Football Leak". In this case, Sergio Ramos would be the captain of Real Madrid. According to this,Der Spiegel" Ramos violated anti-doping rules. Ramos would break the protocol, according to the information that reveals "Football Leak" twice. Towards the Champions League final and Malaga match.

In any case, UEFA acknowledged the explanation given by Real Madrid about his specific treatment for his player. According to the information revealed by "Footballl Leaks", Ramos received two knee dexamethasoles injections and the UEFA approved version of the match before the match. According to this story, the Real Madrid captain was on June 3, 2017, after the quarterfinals of Cardiff, he found players' traces. dexamethasone, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of cortisone preparation.

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UEFA asked the player about the outcome of the control, and Sergio Ramos added a report signed by the doctor. According to his version, he infiltrated the left shoulder and ankle. UEFA response Positively, the doctor also explains why he justifies his mistake, naming "euphoria" at that moment, when Real Madrid won the Twelfth European Cup against Juventus. From now on, there was a great rumor in the dressing room, and Ramos and Real Madrid practitioners spent nearly two hours to pass the test, after visiting Mariano Rajoy, the President of the Government or Juan Carlos I, the royal emirate of the Spanish state.

As reported Mediapart, White captain allegedly violated the Doping Protocol before the League Championship Juventus Cardiff in Turin In 2017, this protocol was also violated after a game Malaga League in April 2018, La Rosaleda ended 1-2.

Of course, in order to clarify this controversial situation, he has been the captain of the Spanish team and Real Madrid presumption of innocence He has learned as a goal, In the following hours, Real Madrid team writes an official statement Unpleasant events about this.

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