Monday , May 16 2022

Actor Fernando Godoy and the girlfriend of Teletón


The actress Fernando Godoy premiered on Saturday at the Teletón Antzokia, on the day of solidarity.

Recuenga Haoa, a 6-year-old girl from Pascua, was born with a chromosomic abnormality that caused a serious problem in her foot and caused a delay in her speech.

His story shook the audience. But when Mario Kreutzberger talked with his parents, when one of the cell phone carriers was close to the family. He was the actor

Then Fernando Godoy approached: "They are my family, they are my life. I have seen that my company has fought all of their lives." Then, the mother put her necklace on her neck and said she would be grateful to the actor, gesturing with a gesture.

"Reitanga is the second child of children (Viti and her partner, Víctor), and my honorable girl, I saw her. And we have been with her parents for ten years," Godoyk said about Las Últimas Noticias.

Godoy said "when I came to my trip to the island." I usually avoid a tourist package, I rent a room or a house to get together. I have always had a family in other places, and in this case, in Rapa Nui, that has caused me to be mad. At that time, the Mega island was not reached; They were like those.

"The family welcomed me. I stayed for two weeks and a half, and from that day I did not stop. Go two or three times a year."

The actor added the complications of Reitanga since his birth. "I lived throughout the process, this suffering, with them. Although it is difficult to get into Telethon," he said.

"There are many children who need to be rehabilitated and the list of waiting lists is horrible. We still do our lives and we are dealing here in Santiago," he says.

He also said that his newborn daughter (Lua, 7 months) suffered dysplasia: "He had to use and work his legs. It's not something serious, but you still need a treatment. Luckily, I did not come to the Telethon that fiber still. "

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