Saturday , May 8 2021

Actor Pablo Escobar will be Sergio Jadue in a new series of FIFA Corruption

Sergio Jadue, Former President of ANFP – UNO Agency

Pablo Escobar and Sergio Jadue. The Colombian actor Andrés Parra will host the new "Amazonian presidential series".

This program is the most important moment of the FIFA Gate, the corruption scandal caused by the International Federation of Football Associations. Anfp is the 39-year-old Chilean protagonist.

Armando Bózen will be the director of the Argentine Academy Award-winning and, as mentioned, will be the protagonist of the play Parra. A few years ago, Pablo Escobar, the narcotizador, was acquainted with the "Evil Model" on television.

In addition, the role of Jadue's wife would be the presence of Mexican actor Paulina Garcia, who was considered to be a wife of Escobar, but in the series "Narcos" Netflix

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