Sunday , January 17 2021

After 15 years of release of Pikmin 2, a new easter egg was found

Over time Game Cubes saga Pikmin Nintendo has become one of the most popular developers and requires Nintendo Switch monitoring. Until then, series followers continue to enjoy existing stills and, recently, someone has found Easter Egg really curious

This special Easter egg becomes true Totaka song (Totaka Song), The melody of the 19 notes that only appear in specific cases that appear in Kazumi Totaka's soundtrack titles. Well then 15 years since the launch of Pikmin 2It has also been found that it appears in the second half.

In order to be heard, access is required If there is no cave game and no memory card Game in Cube. At this time, a message will appear if we want to save the game or not, so we have to do everything patiently for more than three minutes before the song Totaka is launched.

Previously, it was already discovered that the same subject was heard Results screen After the Pikmin 2 cave is over. You only need four minutes to listen. Is there another Nintendo video game hidden behind this melody and has not been found yet?

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